Note: Due to high volumes, we are unable to coordinate Menu & Grocery pickup at the same time.

1. After placing your grocery order, you’ll get a confirmation email and a Graffiti Crew Member will contact you as soon as possible to schedule your pickup day and time.

2. You'll then mark your calendar and think about how you’ll spend your time until pickup. Crochet? Guitar lessons? Testing how loud you can scream? The possibilities are endless!

3. When its time for pick up, arrive as close to your scheduled time as possible and park in any available numbered spot next to the Graffiti Market patio (they’re marked with brightly spray painted cans, you can’t miss them). If a numbered spot is not yet available, please line up for one.

4. Give us a call at (519) 514-1820 only when you've made your way into a number spot. Tell us your order # and parking spot #.

5. Pop your trunk and we’ll bring out your grocery order. Be sure to have your ID and confirmation ready!


Pasta, Condiments & Preserves

Oryx Desert Salt Starting at $12.99
Wilhelm's Provisions - Jam Starting at $5.99


Chocolates, Candy & Cough Drops

Abba-Zaba SOLD OUT
Baby Ruth $1.99
Twirl $2.49
Big League Chew Starting at $2.49
Hugo & Nate Confections Starting at $10.99
Razzles $1.99
Push Pop Starting at $1.49
Sour Slime Candy Starting at $4.99
Ring Pop Starting at $1.49
Baby Bottle Pop Starting at $2.49
Juicy Drop Pop Starting at $3.49
Awake Chocolate Starting at $1.49
Choc Stars Starting at $6.99
Pez Dispenser - Super Mario Starting at $3.49
Pez Dispenser - Peppa Pig Starting at $3.49
Reids - Mint Sandwich Starting at $8.65

Cocktail Accessories

Bitters, Mixes & Equipment

Cobbler Shaker Starting at $40.00
8.5" Metal Straw Starting at $6.00
Bar Spoon Starting at $20.00
Hawthorne Strainer Starting at $25.00
Bell Jigger Starting at $25.00
Skull Dropper Starting at $6.00
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