Posted 17 days ago
Gnocchi By Nature — it's cheesy, it's savoury, and it's romantic! That's right, we said it, our gnocchi is romantic. Why you ask? Here's the story: A classic dish from our very first Graffiti menu, this gnocchi comes courtesy of Brian McCourt, our Culinary Director. It was inspired by a highly recommended, must-try, once in a lifetime kinda dish that he and his wife experienced while honeymooning in Florence, Italy. They had heard whisperings of this famous gnocchi served at Osteria Santo Spirito, and vowed to find the restaurant before their trip ended. As they arrived at their hotel and opened the window to let in the fresh Tuscany breeze, they saw the restaurant staring right back at them from directly across the piazza. Bellissimo! Brian loved it so much that he knew he needed to bring the recipe home to share with the Graffiti family, and pay tribute to the dish that always recalls fond memories of his honeymoon. Osteria Santo Spirito's chef was gracious enough to pass along his receipe and process, and coupled with some local Ontario ingredients and little personal tweaks from Brian, it became the dish we know and love today! Gnocchi By Nature: Potato Dumpling / Grana Padano / Mascarpone / Cream Sauce / Truffle Oil / Brown / Butter Crumble #GraffitiMarket
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