Posted 19 days ago
Did you know all of our baked goods are made fresh daily right here on-site? Pam, our in-house pastry chef and baking mastermind, creates all of the baked goods for Graffiti Market, as well as other restaurants such as @richuncletavern, @drinkredcircle, and the up and coming @crowsfootsmokehaus! We thought it would be a great idea to swing by the kitchen mighty early and chat with her about all things baked goods, bread, and desserts — specifically her creation, the Froot Loop Panna Cotta, available now on the Graffiti Market menu. Pam's inspiration behind the Froot Loop Panna Cotta came from @christinatosi’s idea of creating great flavour using cereal milk. "I felt this technique in a panna cotta would be creamy, nostalgic, and amazing. With Graffiti Market's retro vibe, I thought pairing the panna cotta with a homemade pop tart would be a match made in heaven." Boy, was she ever right! Froot Loop Panna Cotta: Fruit Cereal Infused Panna Cotta / House-Made Pop Tart / Lime Curd / Seasonal Fruit Compote #GraffitiMarket


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